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Colonic Polyps

ADENOMATOUS POLYPS: Adenomatous colon polyps are benign polyps that if left in place can progress to colon cancer. Once an adenomatous colon polyp is removed, as long as all the tissue is removed, the risk of cancer at that site goes away. Adenomatous polyps frequently are on stalks, which make them easier to remove completely. Other adenomatous polyps are sessile (that is they are flat and do not have a stalk) and these polyps may be somewhat harder to remove especially if they are large in size. Once an adenomatous polyp is seen, particularly if it is large (greater than one centimeter) or if it is sessile, more frequent follow-up will be necessary. If only a single small polyp is seen (less than one centimeter) no increase in frequency is needed over that of the population without colon polyps.

HYPERPLASTIC POLYPS: Hyperplastic polyps are frequently seen in the colon. These are benign colon polyps that even if left in place have no known potential to turn into colon cancer. Hyperplastic polyps have no known clinical significance and no change in colon cancer surveillance in the future is needed when these are found.

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